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What is the Best Dog Training Trick?

There are hundreds of dog training tricks, some are just basic commands, and others represent complex exercises. No matter what dog training tricks you intend to teach your dog, remember that the learning place mustnt have any distracting element that could get the dogs attention. Any exercise must contain many rewards as raising your voice wont make the dog understand what you want, it will just get scared. Also remember that dog training tricks require a longer time interval to be taught, as too fast learning is almost impossible for any animal. Dont leave your dog lose interest; simply stop when you feel tired or frustrated because the teaching process is too slow.

One of the best dog training tricks that everybody knows is the Hello, most of the audience will be impressed when your dog presents the paw. This is one of the first dog training tricks you can teach your pet. The following steps will help the pet learn further dog training tricks: make your dog sit in front of you, lift its paw gently and shake it easily, when you shake its paw reward it somehow. Repeat this dog training trick procedure constantly and dont let it go unnoticed no matter the results. After the dog has learned to raise the paw when you stretch your hand in front, start repeating the word Hello each time the dog presents its paw. Though it is a simple dog training trick it always brings a smile on the face of any visitor and especially children, they will simply love it instantly.

Another dog training trick is the Carry command; it is both funny and useful. Most dogs love carrying bags and though it might look like a difficult to teach dog training trick it is not. The learning process consists of three steps. First, the dog will get used to Hold things and not the ones it likes but any object. Each time it takes the object from your hand reward it. After it got used with this command try the Release order and give it a reward each time it drops the object in your hands. The last step of this dog training trick consists of teaching the dog to effectively carry a bag; this is simply learned by commanding the dog to hold an object while moving several steps. Call it and when its near you give the Release command. If you wish to find out about more dog training tricks visit www.dog-training-expert.com where you will find everything you need to know about dogs.

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