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Online Dating Etiquette - Two Huge Tips

Don't know how to meet women online?

Worried she'll laugh at you?

The truth is most guys will never know online dating etiquette.

Not because it's impossible.

But because they perform online dating etiquette the WRONG WAY.

So if you have trouble with online dating etiquette.

Pay attention to these 2 Huge Tips

Online Dating Etiquette Tip 1 - Be Respectful

Women online always talk about how some sleazy guy kept telling them dirty things online. Do yourself a favor don't be one of those idiots.

I know it's easy to talk to women online but it doesn't give you the right to disrespect women. Be flirty with women but not dirty, here's an example.

When I first started practicing my 'game' of meeting women I would go to online websites to practice my 'game' because I was absolutely petrified of practicing on women in person. So I would practice on free online dating sites.< br />
The first time I spoke to a girl online was on a website called There was this absolute glamor her username was naughtygirl01 (okay I know what you're saying but she was hot enough said) any way back to the story. So I used my opener lines which Savoy a guru PUA taught me this was how the conversation went.
Me: So pink shirts and white shoes on guys what do you think.

Her: LOL, Depends on the guy

Me: Well that doesn't help I need a woman's opinion and that's what you give me LOL

Her: Oh it's for you. I don't like them.

So then I went into small chat but all the time I was making her laugh and following Savoys teachings and all of a sudden she came out with.

Her: You're the first guy on this site who has made me laugh and asked me the most random and funny questions. Here's my YAHOO IM.

And that was it. Now the reason she gave me her details was because I was different, I didn't tell her she was beautiful or hot, I didn't ask her to go on webcam and have internet sex (believe it or not alot of guys do that) and I wasn't desperate, guys are too desperate online they chase women way too much that's bad online dating etiquette.

So here's your first online dating etiquette tip. Be polite and funny and learn some openers so you can talk to women and get their attention and not be like every other boring guy out there.

Online dating etiquette tip 2 - Don't put up with any B/S

Now I know I was talking about being respectful and funny with women and that's the most important part of online dating etiquette, but that doesn't mean you should cop crap from every woman you talk to.

Now by that I mean if she's insulting you in a harsh way for example if she says "You're such a clown but I like it". Well that's a good thing but if she says "You're the biggest loser I've met online" you can't cop that.

Now what I used to do stupidly and don't do this by the way haha. I used to get into a verbal war with the woman who insulted me, but that was so stupid and I was not acting like a man.

So my advice to you is if a woman is giving you disrespect in a bad way then just disconnect yourself from the conversation and move on, there's t housands of woman to talk to online.:)

Don't keep failing with women, you deserve to meet the woman of your dreams.

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