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Guaranteed Finance For People With Bad Credit - Finance

If asked, a lender would state that bad credit history equals to an illness and that is the reason why they seem to run away from bad credit applicants. Loan applications filled by people with a bad credit score or history are usually declined without much thought. However, not all the lenders make this kind of mistakes.

Past, Present, Future

The truth is that many lenders are aware that people who currently have bad credit used to have good credit or even excellent credit and for unexpected situations their ability to obtain finance was heavily compromised. Past financial mistakes should not determine once financial future as long as people learn from those mistakes and that is what more and more lenders are beginning to understand.

Secured Or Unsecured Loans

There are many online lenders dealing with bad credit personal loans. This kind of loans can be secured or unsecured. Unsecured loans do not require collateral but often carry higher interest rates due to the high risk involved. Secured loans carry lower interest rates and require collateral. Thus, you should only request a secured loan if you are certain that you will be able to afford the monthly payments. Since the collateral guarantees the loan, you are risking the asset and the lender can claim his money by use of the legal action of repossession.

Uses And Benefits

The uses of bad credit personal loans are variable, ranging from going on vacations, buying a car, and most commonly debt consolidation. Specially when used for eliminating debt by paying off bills and credit card balances, Bad Credit Personal loans will contribute to raise your credit score and improve your credit history. The timely monthly payments will be recorded into your credit report, enhancing your credit situation till you can acquire a good credit tag.


A way to make sure a lender will approve your Bad Credit Personal Loan is applying with a cosigner, especially if he or she has a better credit score and history. This way, the lender will take into account the co-signer credit report when deciding whether to approve your loan or not. The risk involved for the lender will be significantly lower because the co-signer will also be responsible for paying the monthly installments if you fail to repay on time.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are usually higher when it comes to bad credit personal loans, however they are usually lower that credit card's interest rate, which makes them a better source of finance. Also, there are many options available out there, so do not settle for the first proposal and ponder what each lender has to offer you. Be aware that variable interest rate, though it is usually lower than fixed interest rate, can vary according to market conditions changes and you may end up having to pay higher monthly installments if the market situation worsens significantly.

Online Lenders

The wisest thing to do is to search online, there are many online lenders offering very reasonable interest rates and you will be able to get quotes from them and compare rates and fees before making a decision.

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