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An Introduction to Conference Calls

It is quite possible to set up a conference call in a number of different ways all of which achieving the same result but from different suppliers. Though there may be off supplies and services you can use to set up conference calls, in the main there are just three major suppliers and their various setups.

The most common conference call is reservation less conference calls. As well as being the most commonly used this is also the easiest to setup.

The only information that is required at this stage is the detail of the number, access code and additional access codes from the other parties that you wish to join with you. All you need to do to during the set up conference call is dial the number, enter your access code, and then have the other callers call in and use their own access code.

where the client may be slightly inexperienced and wishes a more straightforward setup they reach usually the facility to have what is known as an operator assisted conference call and as the phrase suggests this is when you have the assistance of an operator to ensure a setup proceed smoothly and remain on hand to assist you with any technical issues that might crop up.

As you can imagine this option is more expensive but depending on circumstance could be extremely useful. As is usual; the cost of this type of call varies from supplier to supplier.

The final type of assisted call is known as the Operator dialled setup conference call and as the phrase suggests requires a little more assistance from the operator. Here, we'll pray to take some more proactive role, dials out the participants and adds them manually to the conference.
This is an ideal option for those who are inexperienced in making conference calls. Also, if you need additional services such as translation, recording, or other added features, the operator is on hand to provide those.

There are a few other types of set up conference calls that you can do. Web conferences are much more involved than any type of phone conference call, and requires you to know a great deal about the software it uses, or to have technical support on hand to help. There are also small scale conference calls between two or three people that business lines can handle. Just play around with the different options and you will see what is the most advantageous to your business.

As time goes by, the world of telecommunications gets more advanced. Nowadays we no longer just have to use the phone for conference calls as we have the Internet to bring an added online dimension. "So, whats the big deal?" Well, the big deal is that not only will you be able to talk to each other, but you will be able to do so much more in an online conference call.

An Online Web conference is about a lot more than just adding video to a standard telephone conference call. There are additional functions that can be added using online conference call services that just aren't available using conventional phone systems. As with telephones conferences, you have to get your point across using only words, and that can be tough at times. However, if you were to illustrate your point, using pictures, videos, or presentations, the participants would understand your point more clearly.

A whole new world of information sharing is now possible with document's slideshows pictures and videos being shared as well as Audio. Of course, video without any audio would not be very user friendly. Luckily, there is more than one means of communication with these online conference call services. Participants will usually have the choice to talk aloud via microphone/headset, or type via an IM, instant messaging or board.

It is only prudent that before you decide on one particular supply a that you try out as many as possible. If you can arrange a free trial from as many suppliers as possible then you really have nothing to lose.

Simply try out the service, cancel, then try another. Its easy to see that online conference calling is a very affordable, not to mention a better, option than simply using a telephone. If you need to host a conference call, host an online conference call, you won't regret it.

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