Senin, 27 Mei 2013

This is My Funny Little Free Online Dating Story

I met my husband Mark through free online dating. You could call it is coincidence, but the two of us had vaguely known each other during our senior high years.

The night after prom during our senior year, the two of us were partying at a friends place. My friend; Victor, was chosen as the prom king and we decided celebrating his crowning. Victor was seeing my best friend Linda, they made a great couple. Though I had my share of high school romances, I wasnt involved in a relationship at the time.

Anyways, coming back to the party, we were all enjoying ourselves celebrating when Victor emerged from the crowd with a dashing, tall, well-built young man who he introduced as his good friend Mark. Marks presence created a buzz in the party and the other girls could simply not keep their eyes off of him.

I dont know if Mark was a shy person or if he just didnt like me, but he hardly talked with me aside from some courteous chit-chat. Mark looked uncomfortable in the crowd so I thought I should ask him for a dance, he quickly responded with a sharp No!

I was pretty shocked with his response, and told him I was just hoping to help him relax and enjoy the party. I felt pretty embarrassed and left soon after.

Fast-forwarding about 7 years now, I decided to join a free online dating community, I met some very interesting people. I found that free online dating was a lot of fun.

One day, after being a free online dating member for a few months, I got a message from Mark. I liked his profile; he was a good looking, tall, well-built figure, and was working as a marketing consultant in a reputable firm. So I decided what harm could come from one date.

We started chatting the following night on the free online dating site. Our relationship was great, we shared a lot in common, we grew up relatively close to each other, shared friends, went to the same parties, but we hadnt yet realized exactly who we were talking to. The chatting on our free online dating site brought us very close in a short period of time.

So, one day while we were on free online dating, I told Mark about this pompous guy I met during my final year prom night party. Casually Mark asked me where I did my schooling and when I told him, he couldnt stop laughing.

I cant even begin to tell you my reaction after Mark explained to me that he was the pompous guy I had met that night! Whenever we chatted on our free online dating site, we would laugh about it all over again.

Mark and I dated for two years on the free online dating site before tying knot,

Im grateful that free online dating was able to re-unite me with the love of my life.

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