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Right Skin Care Tips

The technological breakthroughs for skin care and makeup have made it easy for men and women to choose the right product for them. Skin care and makeup products abound with so many choices and the emergence of fake products created confusion as to what product is better or genuine. For this purpose, here are some skin care tips and make up pointers for both men and women which aptly describe the suitability of the product to the purpose it is intended for:

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tip #1- When seeking for your type of skin care, it would be best if you know the type of skin you have. Determine whether your skin is dry, oily, normal or delicate. After determining your skin type, it is now a matter of choosing the type of lotion that will give your skin the nourishment it needs to give it that extra glow.

Skin Care Tip #2- There are different lotions to choose from depending on your skin type such as bath lotion, milk bath, body lotion, baby lotion and hand lotion.

Skin Care Tip #3- Bath lotion is taken after a bath to replace the important oils that were washed off. The signs that this is the suitable lotion for you are the presence of wrinkles in your toes and fingers after staying too long in the tub. Bath lotion works well with this type of dry skin.

Skin Care Tip #4- Milk baths have ingredients which when added to regular tub of water will be absorbed by the skin. This is to help maintain the moisture of the skin.

Skin Care Tip #5- Body lotion can give that effective moisturizing effect for the whole body. It comes in different scents that are applicable to your mood and provides good protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Skin Care Tip #6- Baby lotion is good for delicate skin especially for babies. The normal ingredients of baby lotion are organic materials that passed extensive testing in dermatological laboratories. Hence, they have been tested not to harm sensitive skin.

Skin Care Tip #7- Hand lotion is a good skin care for the hands since the hands are always in contact with the outside world. Hands are constantly moving here and there to accomplish various daily tasks. As a result, they are exposed to dehydration and dryness. Hand lotion is easily absorbed; hence, it is considered an essential part of skin care routine.

Makeup Tips

Attaining the proper makeup can be considered an art that is not that easy to perfect. It takes a lot of practice to get the desired makeup look you want. Here are some makeup pointers for you to consider:

1. Always apply a foundation starting from the chin on upward motion using fingertips.

2. If you have dry skin, use cotton swab to apply glycerin before applying foundation.

3. Dark shade lipstick is appropriate for protruding lower lip. It should be applied on the middle portion of the lips and lighter outline should be drawn.

4. Stale lipstick should be avoided in case you want to make some re-touch.

5. Vanishing cream is appropriate as foundation for oily skin.

6. In all cases, the foundation should be a little bit darker than your natural complexion.

These skin care tips and makeup pointers are essential for your personal hygiene if your aim is to boost your confidence. Confidence does a lot in making you feel and look good. The skin care tips and makeup pointers mentioned are applicable to self-conscious men and women to highlight their beauty and good looks.

Skin care tips and makeup pointers are mere guides but a healthy individual must at all times follow a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Skin care tips are useless if you do not know how to manage stress. In addition, observing proper skin cleansing habits to achieve that glowing skin complexion will in time find you needing less make up to put on.

If proper skin care tips will be followed, the end result is glowing skin that defies age and the pressures of day-to-day life. Also, skin care tips if heeded at all times can help retain good looks and charm. There are numerous online resources that give updates on proper skin care as part of daily regimen. It is only a matter of finding the right skin care products to match your skin type. You can also join some forum sites to receive direct skin care tips and makeup pointers.

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