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Michelle's Real Life Experience with Online Dating

Michelle's online dating story first become available for online publishing after she agreed to a candid interview with the owners of the dating site she was once a member of. With the written consent of Michelle we bring to you her real life stories about the people she met online and the details about her online dating liasons.

Michelle 29 years of age - St Kilda, VIC. "Firstly, I would like to start by letting others know that the use of online dating sites altered my life beyond any expectation. It would often amaze me to encounter most of my single girlfriends sit with their laptops most days chatting to men on-line that they had never laid eyes on before. The whole thing got me thinking and given that I split with Chris (my ex) just a few months prior I figured there was nothing stopping me from trying online dating, what did I have to lose."

"Attention was something that I had not had for along time so I was completely flattered when I wandered into the singles chat rooms and my chat request message box lit up like a Christmas tree. I had heard through friends that the women were popular on these sites and they were right".

"I too found myself instinctively logging in at the first available opportunity on a daily basis as my ego was loving the attention. There was never any need to initiate a conversation new opportunities presented on a daily basis."

"Although I had made lots of new online (fantasy) friends I did not agree to meet anyone for four weeks until it felt right and I was confident with what I was doing. I had heard a lot of stories about people's actual and real appearance differing from their online dating profile so when I agreed to go on a date with Steve, I checked out his Face Book page to verify his identity."

"My very first internet date took place at a local coffee shop in inner city Sydney. It was evident of a mutual attraction as we seemed to bond quickly. Because we had chatted on-line for respective weeks leading up to the date, there was an unspoken expectancy already reinforced."

"After coffee we moved onto the World Bar at Kings Cross then several hours later we went back to his house for a 'coffee' with the unspoken anticipation of something more. We sat around for an hour talking. Suddenly I noticed the sun coming up, I realized this was all a fantasy, I felt ashamed and embarrassed then abruptly left."

"In the cab ride home it dawned on me that I had been living in a fantasy world. In the following days I accepted that I was more focused with stroking my ego than I was finding someone special. I was going about the online dating thing the wrong way. I would say to people thinking of using online dating, forget about creating a false attraction caused by weeks of chatting before a real date, just go on lots of dates until the right man comes your way. Trying to assess real chemistry before a real date is a mistake."

"My advice to anyone looking to meet men or meet women online would be to try and not get swept up in the whole fantasy online world, just go on lots of dates and meet new people until the right person comes along."

"As a result of my new online dating strategy, and nine dates later, I met Matt and we are now engaged to be married."

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