Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

Dating sites are fair game for cheating men & women!

Dating on the internet reaches into almost everyone's lives whether you have met someone online personally, or you know someone that has.

In Australia alone, data compiled from the single-women website has found that 40% of Australian singles have personally used an online dating service. The down under internet dating industry can lay claim to more than 100,000 weddings in the past 12 months which is a staggering figure for a country with a small population of 21 million and proves beyond doubt just how successful online dating has become. provides an online location for single men, single women , couples, or married people looking to have an sets itself apart by their shear volume of combined members and their no registration policy. No registration required, just click away! Many who seek an online dating resource don't want the bother of filling out time consuming registrations and profiles.

Single-women doesn't corner just one end of the personals market. Whether you are straight, gay or looking to cheat its all at this location.

Traffic trends for some of the larger dating sites in America and Australia over the past two years indicate that married people looking to cheat online is on the rise. Cheating on the internet has become big business for dating site owners, so much so that a Canadian personals site has been set up catering only for cheating men and women. 20% of visitors to the single-women website are looking for discreet casual affairs. Statistics from the Albury Research Centre of Australian Sexual Behavior suggests that 20% of men, and 10% of women have had an affair.

Does the internet provide us with an option that makes sexual involvement with others too easy. And what rate of divorce can be attributed to online affairs? Dr Ethan Watson from the Australian Sexual Behavior Research Centre adds "Online dating services can have an a ddictive effect on certain personalities and is a factor as to why we are seeing an increase in online extramarital affairs as internet dating grows in popularity this is also resulting in an increase in people living double lives and the internet can be held squarely to blame for this surge and we have the statistics indicating as such"

Online dating is there to be used or abused and some would argue that it is bringing the saying 'tempting fate' to another level.

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