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Craziest Online Dating Stories

There is no denying as the revolution of internet and dating sites has compelled hundreds of thousands of people to find their match online. You do not have to go here and there to find out your match, because there are in fact plenty of online dating websites made available for you, wherein you will easily be able to discover a reliable partner online. More importantly, these online dating websites have discovered many astonishing, intriguing, funny and craziest online dating stories. Some of the craziest online dating stories are mentioned below:

Sara Pauline and Redcliff Brown

Both of them met with each other on the success match online three months ago. Pauline is 27 years old girl, while Brown is 29 years old guy. One of the most wonderful things about Sara is her jokes. On the other hand, Brown is also a very funny person. Once, Sara sent an instant message to Brown via an unknown ID. In this email, she did express her exciting and natural feelings of love, obsession and romanticism about Brown and more importantly, Brown was really shocked by reading this email from an unknown ID. When Brown traced the lady, it was found as Sara. Both of them were laughing on that incident. Hence, this was the funniest and craziest online dating story of Sara and Brown.

Roger Muller and Julia Robertson

Roger and Julia began their relationships via perfect match online. Once, Roger put an instant inquiry to Julia's account from his email ID. As a result, Julia gave her instant response. Who are you? May I know about you Roger? Yes, what could I do for you? In response, Roger proposed Julia straight forwardly by saying that you are the spirit of love and romance, so please don't overlook my offer. I really admired your pictures, as you were looking rock over there. Consequently, Julia took her time and sent him an instant message via her email ID. Both of them made a date in a King's restaurant in California. Their relationships got stronger and stronger with the passage of time. All of a sudden, Julia proposed Roger for matrimony. Roger gave a shocking response to Julia by saying that sorry mate I cannot make marriage with you, as I am already a married person. Julia had not a single idea about Roger's marriage at all and she was completely shocked by hearing this from Ro ger. As a result, they were willing to be friends with each other and would never disrupt their loving relationships. This was one of the craziest online dating stories I have ever seen in my life span.

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