Rabu, 29 Mei 2013

A Freaky Ending to My Online Dating Story

So if you read my last post about free dating sites youll know that I am heading out to meet this girl I met on a free dating site and she looks oddly familiar.

Ok, so I get out to her city, and we meet up at a red robins, we have lunch and we are both just discussing how incredibly strange it is that we recognize each other without having any contact ever save for the contact in the free dating site.

We finish dinner and decide to go see a movie. After the movie we head back to her place, and because we snuck a few bottles of wine into the theatre, she suggests I stay over so I dont have to drive 8 hours after drinking. This is where the story gets funny. As we walk into her dark house, she guides me to the living room and sits me on the couch, she tells me shell be right back, I look over to her computer and see that the free dating site which we met on is on the monitor, guess she was gonna message me. Anyways, she flicks on the light as she walks out of the room and it hits me.

I see all the family photos on the walls and there in the slick gold frames I see photos of my parents, my aunts, my uncles this girl was somehow related to me! I jumped up and called her in, as she comes running in I point to the picture and cringe thats my mom.and my dad. She dropped her glass of water and in that brief moment of realization we both burst out laughing turns out I met a third cousin on a free dating site, I hadnt seen her since I was a kid, thats why I was able to recognize her, I used to play with her whenever our families would visit So, the moral of the story is, if your gonna use a free dating site or already are using a free dating site you might just want to do a background check on any people you meet while on a free dating site we are good friends now by the way, so not all was lost.

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