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Top 5: Mens Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Youthful, Perfect Skin

Mens skincare is a taboo topic sometimes because some insecure men think it is "gay" or "girly" to take good care of their skin, or have been brought up that way. This could not be further from the truth. Not only will you get more attention from women if you have perfect skin, your confidence will increase tenfold because of it. I will guide you through the basics of mens skin care. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, I will answer them on a personal basis.

Mens Skin Care Tip #1: Best Protect Your Neck! Wearing Sun protection

While many people have heard this, too many mens skincare experts ignore it: wear sun protection. The sun will be the death of your skin if you do not protect it. Radiation can cause chromosome damage which can lead to skin cancer. It's much better to take the two minutes to rub some sunscreen into your face, than regret not doing so for years because you got melanoma. An easy way to remember to put on sunscreen is t o use a moisturizer/sunscreen combination lotion for application after you wash and shave your face.

Mens Skin Care Tip #2: It's all about the routine

For many, the shower first thing in the morning wakes them up and gets them ready for the day. This is why you should take the time to wash and shave your face. After you get in the shower, wash your face with a non-irritating face wash (non-irritating usually means no active ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoil peroxide - if it burns or makes your face feel "cool", it's irritating). Preventing irritation is key to preventing adult acne and is an important part of mens skin care. After you get out of the shower, dont scrub your face with the towel to get it dry... just gently pat it off.

Mens Skin Care Tip #3: Time to Shave

After you dry your face, it's time to shave. Shaving for us men is the equivalent to women exfoliating. It removes the top layer of dead skin and helps skin to regrow and renew itself. It is also the aspect of mens skincare that will make your face radiant and smooth. Many people shave after getting out of the shower because the hot water softens the hair which makes for an easier shave. Use a non-alcohol based after shave, and let it dry off for a minute. Next, Gently apply a moisturizer or sunscreen moisturizer, being sure not to rub too hard as this will irritate the skin.

Mens Skin Care Tips #4 and #5: Diet and Exercise

Another neglected aspect of mens skincare is diet and exercise. Like any other organ in your body, the skin depends on nutrients and bloodflow to thrive. Proper diet allows your skin to absorb a full range of vitamins and minerals as well as proteins to repair itself quicker.

Have great skin and get in shape with diet and exer cise

Try to eliminate simple sugars or starches (white bread, pasta, soda, candy); these cause insulin to spike which can cause breakouts. Also, try to gradually replace saturated fats with healthier fats like monounsaturated or polyunsaturated, omega-3s (fish oil) are even better for mens skincare because they have profound anti inflammitory and skin healing properties.

Exercise keeps your hormones balanced properly, as well as cause your heart to work harder, which cleans out toxins from the skin and other organs like the liver, that affect skin appearance. Also be sure to drink plenty of water every day.
As you can see, there is more to mens skincare than meets the eye. I have only scratched the surface. If you are interested in learning more about mens skincare, visit Mens Skin care Tips Online

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