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The Free Sex Tips Community

There are lots of online line sex tip resources that list sex tips, but usually they seem a bit lame sex tips, or you've done them, there not naughty enough, you don't fancy them and they don't turn you on, or it's illegal in this country.

We aim to bridge this gap with a communal sex tips community and mailing service whereby anyone can add a sex tip to the database. Each sex tip submitted should be adaptable to cater for Beginner couples, Randy couples and the Outrageously Naughty couples.
Anyone wanting to receive the naughty sex tips on a biweekly basis should join the Sex Toy Testers Sex Tips mailing list at the link at the bottom. A new sex tip will be emailed to you every fortnight on Friday, just in time to lives up your weekend.

The naughty sex tip will arrive with suggestions for all three categories, and you can choose which most appeals to you. Because one week you may like the beginners couples sex tip and a month later you may fancy trying an outrageously naughty sex tip and really have sex swinging from the chandelles! Pick and choose what ever takes your fancy, and if none appeal, write to us and tell us why and maybe submit a tip of your own.

The sex tips mailing service is completely free and you can unsubscribe at any time. The first sex tip will be sent out on Friday the 6th of January 2007, so spicing up your sex life could be your new years resolution. Why not sign up today, and while your about it, tell us a top trick that you and your lover used which really hotted up the moment and got you both going. Don't worry, we would never reveal your identity.

Get involved, receive free sex tips and spice up your sex life.

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