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Sex Tips for a Happy Married Life and Increase Low Sperm Count

Check the colors of the room; the colors be supposed to not be dull. Room with total white shades or total violet shades are spiritual colors and should not be used in couple rooms. Couple should not occupy northeastern rooms.

Especially for maintain love in married life there should be no single identity in the couple room like no single duck, butterfly, bird, deer etc one should always get a pair.

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Stress is big enemy for sex in married life, avoid stress create activities from the bedroom, like computers, office like atmosphere in the bedroom avoid office work in bedroom.

If we analyze steady vaastu we should see the orders underground water tanks, pillars erect in building structure etc.

Have you ever wondered "what is the secret to a long and happy marriage?" Our collection of tried and true marriage counsel tips will help you answer that very question!

These secrets to a happy marriage come straight from the horse's mouth -- those who are happily married!

Putting on your sexiest lingerie to seduce him works best after your husband's come back after a long day at work.
Since he's accustomed to considering you in your usual after-work attire in the kitchen or doing what you usually do, greeting him in bed a racy outfit will get things going.

Let him ogle you for a while before you jump on him and get clothes started. Those pants will come off in a jiffy.

Before we read any further, it is vital for us to note sex is an important part of a married life and private encounters with closed doors between the couple are best promoted by each one of them.

One of the couple may have a greater desire to have sex more often than normal, while the other one may face less of leaning but the secret of satisfying married sexual life is all about equilibrium.

For some women, seducing their man is not an easy task by any standards. This is one of the biggest reasons why sex life often gets troubled after marriage.

Women can play a big role in reinventing sexual life after marriage to make sure t hat the charm and excitement factors are always there. Putting on sexiest lingerie is often the easiest way to bring down those pants in a hurry.

Sex Tips for a Happy Married Life

1. Make time for love and romance. Time can certainly slip away from you and you can put love making on the back burner, figuring you'll get to it when things calm down. If you're like most people, you have to make time for what's significant in your life.

If intimate time with your partner is important to you, make time for it

2. If you don't feel like making love, say so, but be honest with your partner and yourself why you don't feel like it. Sounds simple but from time to time it isn't. Very often, physical ailments-real or imagined-are allowed interfering with being intimate.

3. Focus on each other and not on the kids or your work. Clear your mind from extraneous thoughts, worries and fears when you come together for love-making.

If it isn't possible to do that, tell your partner that you need some time and then take a walk to clear your head. You may need to talk about some difficulty or clear up some issue with your partner.

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