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Window Blinds-What Type of Cleaning You Should Apply?

Window Blinds are used for protection of our windows and known as typical window covering solution for windows. There are variety of window blinds are available in the market today which depend on the type of material from which they are prepared. The material which is used in the production of window blinds includes slates of fabric, plastic, wood and metal parts which adjust rotating itself from an open to close position and allows the slats to overlap on it. Window Blinds term basically mean covering for windows.

Using windows Blinds gives a quite richer feeling and makes a room more attractive. There are many people who think that cleaning of window Blinds sounds like an easy going task and Cleaning but I would like to say that it's easy only then when you have done it in past ever because then you might be aware of cleaning care tips which protect your window blinds from being damaged by wrong cleaning solution. One more important thing to note that proces s of cleaning window blinds can be time consuming.

As we all know that there are varieties of window blinds available in market today. The cleaning procedure which you should apply depends on the particular type of window blinds and as window blinds depends on type of material being used in the manufacturing process we can say that type of cleaning procedure we can use with window blind will depend on the material from which window Blinds have been manufactured. In this article I will discuss about the cleaning process which you should apply to the faux wood window blinds and real wood Blinds.

Faux wood windows are comparatively more durable then real wood window blinds and this is the reason that cleaning faux wood blinds are more easy compare to real wood blinds. Feather duster or soft dry cloth or synthetic dusters can be utilized as cleaner which will remove the surface dust and dust which accumulates. Another tip which will be effective for this t ype of blind includes old sock. Put it on hand and as a dusting mitt. You can also use alternatively a vacuum attached with a brush. Most positive factor which faux wood blinds contains is that they can cleaned with water also but we should keep one important thing in mind that hot water can not be used for cleaning these windows as it can damage their integrity.

Extra care will be required if you are going to clean Real wood window blinds. You can clean stain finished wood blinds as you clean other real wood furniture in your home for example you can use lemon oil or special wood preservatives.

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