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Tips for redecorating your kitchen

Redecorating your kitchen isn't a task to be taken lightly if you intend to do extensive remodeling you may be faced with weeks eating takeaways and washing your dishes in the bath. If you don't want your lives disrupted for so long, here are some tips for redecorating your kitchen without calling in the carpenters.

A great way to change to look and feel of a room is to alter the lighting. First, look at your sources of natural light do you have windows and doors letting natural light into your kitchen? If so, are they obscured by thick drapes? Why not replace drapes with modern, stylish Venetian blinds these will allow more natural light to shine through into your kitchen, and they aren't a fire hazard (drapes can hang over benches and ovens where hot pans might catch the fabric).

You can also upgrade the lighting fixtures in your kitchen. If the roof is high, adding hanging lights will bring the light down to the level you need it, while making the room seem less cavernous. Wall-mounted lights can give a cosy feeling to any kitchen.

Next, consider the colour scheme of your kitchen. Could a lick of paint bring about the changes you desire? Remember, cool colours make a room relaxing, but a bold colour on one wall can create interest and add warmth to a large space. Don't be afraid to experiment with colour you can use a computer simulation program to test your colour schemes.

You might also like to brighten up your kitchen with some new knickknacks a fruit bowl in the centre of the table, some cat ornaments on the windowsill, and even a new microwave on top of the fridge, could instantly life the mood of your space.

When brainstorming ideas for redecorating your kitchen, read lots of design magazines and kitchen design blogs online, and create an "inspiration board" of all your favourite ideas. Separate your dream ideas from what you can realistically achieve, and get stuck in to redecorating it's a great creative project everyone in the family can help with!

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