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how to match blinds to your decor

Lancashire Rose Blinds online

Lancashire Rose Blinds began trading in 2003, we have our own state of the art maunfactuirng facilty a the Greater Manchester area. We have successfully supplied all types of window blinds to both doemstic and contract customers, through out the Northwest.

We decided in May 2009, to open our first online store, supplying blinds thorough out the UK at discounted prices.

. Our online store uses secure ordering

Our window blinds are custom made to measure to your exact requirements, to ensure a perfect fit every time. .

Lancashire Rose Blinds, deliver through out the United kingdom, we aim to manufacture and dispatch your order within five to seven working days.

We understand that choosing your window blinds online, mya be difficult, as while we enedevaour to use quality images, there may be colour diffrences due to screen resolutions. Thats why we have an online pattern book to enable you to make an info rmed choice. Alternatively you can order a free sample so that you can feel and touch the fabric at home. This allows you to match your blinds to the existing dcor in any room easily.

Lancashire Rose blinds believe that customer service is vital in todays market place thats why we have a dedicated customer service department that are available to help with any aspect of ordering your blinds online.

Using our secure payments you can order online with any debit or credit card, or order via telephone.None of our staff have access to your card details or can the be tampered with during the payment process. Our sales department are on hand from Monday to Friday 09.00- 1700 and Saturday 10.00- 16.00 to help take your order.

We also realise that people want information faster, that is why we have online live chat during normal working hours.

Lancashire Rose blinds also, update their news pages to offer advice on buying blinds online.

Buy your window blinds from a company you can trust, that manufactures, a top quality product at an affordable price.


Traditionally if you needed blinds for your windows, you found a local shop and asked them to come around to your home and measure up for a fitting. Then they showed you some samples of fabrics and quoted you a price. Finally about two weeks later they arrived back and fitted your blinds.

With the advent of cheap broadband a few years ago quickly followed by secure online ordering, blinds sales rapidly moved from the high street to the internet. Consumers discovered that they could get the same product at a cheaper price, and in a faster time scale. Howver there was one obstacle that made people choose traditional shops over the internet.

we utilse their online pattern book to enable customers to get as much information about our blinds before deciding to purchase online.

Safety is impotant to us at Lancashire Rose blinds, this is why we use RBS Worldpay as our secure online payment partner. Now choosing your window blinds online is just like a traditional blinds shop, with the added bonus of cheaper prices and faster delivery.

Furnishing a new home can be an expensive business; all the little things quickly add up and budgets never go quite as far as planned.

Sooner or later youll have to think about what type of window blinds you want, and more importantly; what you can afford.

You know that if you invest in quality blinds youll have something for life.

Yet, with the early morning sun streaming in through the bare bedroom window (and the last of your money gone on sandpaper and paint), the overwhelming temptation is to rush out and buy some cheap blinds.

Luckily technological and manufacturing advances mean that cheap no longer means nasty and today theres a great range of budget blinds that wont break the bank. Just because you dont have money to throw around doesnt mean that you have to compromise on style. Most designs and colors are available at very competitive prices as long as you know where to look.

If you buy cheap blinds you can expect quality to be compromised in a variety of ways. Most will be made from untreated fabrics, which may loose color or yellow with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Its unlikely that any materials used will be damp or mildew resistant and shouldnt be used in kitchens or bathrooms.

Youll also find that cheap fixings dont perform well, headrails may bend due to inferior materials been used. In extreme cases you may end up with a wonky window covering that rises on one side and not on the other. Cheap window blinds should be avoided at all costs in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Buying cheap blinds is a false economy, as sooner rather than later you are going to have to replace them, rememeber buy cheap buy twice.

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