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Cleaning Wood Blinds

Like anything else you buy, you want your wood blinds to look nice and fresh all year long. You want them to maintain their natural beauty without having to expend a lot of energy. Lucky for you, cleaning wood blinds is super simple. Follow these simple tips to keep your blinds looking like new, year after year.

Warning about Water and Humidity
This first tip is the most important. Real wood blinds do not handle water and humidity well. Keep real wood away from bathroom, showers, laundry rooms or any other area that can get wet or have high levels of humidity.

Dusting the Blinds
Everything in your house collects dust and your blinds are no different. For a clean look all year round, you will want to dust the blinds on a regular basis. When you dust, you have three basic options: duster, cloth, or vacuum.

Duster- A good old fashion feather duster works great. Just feather dust your blinds as you do the rest of your home.

Cloth - Wiping down your blinds is best done with the slats facing down. Wipe in a downward motion to remove excess dust. It is not recommended to use dusting sprays on the wood. This may cause discoloration.

Vacuum - If you have a small brush attachment for your vacuum or even a static dusting brush, then vacuuming your blinds is easy. Have all the slats facing down and vacuum using downward sweeps.

To prevent dust buildup, try using a dryer sheet. Rubbing an anti-static dryer sheet on the blinds will coat the blinds in a dust repellant keeping your blinds dust free longer.

Cleaning the Blinds
Wood blinds can be cleaned. However, you should never soak them in water. Excess water can ruin your wood blinds. It causes cracking, bending and warping. If your blinds ever get wet, dry them off as quickly as possible.

You can use a damp cloth for spot cleaning. With warm water, dampen your cloth. Then wring out as much water as possible. Then gently wipe off any spots on the wood. Be extra careful not to get the wood too wet. Use the least amount of water possible to prevent damage.

Polishing Wood Blinds
Once a year, you may want to polish the blinds. A no-wax wood furniture polish will do the job nicely. It can bring out the natural shine of the wood without causing damage. However, it is recommended to do this no more than twice a year.

Follow these tips and your wood blinds will stay looking new longer. With the right care, your blinds will last a lifetime.

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