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Wooden Blinds: An Ideal Replacement for Curtains

When it comes to selecting the options to cover windows curtain were considered best options. But sometimes curtains might not be able to give you the right look for your house and most importantly it might not match well with your home dcor. Home is a place where the ideal environment would be warm and cosy. Wooden blinds would be the perfect choice that meets these demands successfully. The best part of these blinds is they are not only the best window treatment for any apartment or house, it never goes out of fashion.

Wood has a classy and elegant look that most of the artificial material lack. Moreover being a natural material every wood has unique colour thereby having all the capabilities to match well with any dcor. Wooden blinds are made from different kinds of materials like wood, faux wood, plastic fabric etc. But basswood is the most popular wood used to make this kind of popular window treatment.

Like any other types of blinds wooden blinds come in different kinds like vertical, mini and woven. Each type has different settings and hence caters to different needs. Wooden roller blinds are very popular choice. Wood is such a material that allows you to go for customized options when it comes to selecting the right blinds to combine with dcor.

The rich classy look and elegance has made wood a popular choice. Home owners can colour their wooden blinds in order to match with their present home dcor. But interior decorators have different sayings in this connection. As woods have a natural look and most importantly have a unique shade decorators suggest that home owners should not paint their wooden blinds and leave with its natural colour for warm and cosy look.

Wooden blinds are perfect for any room because of its rich, graceful and majestic look. You can provide wooden blinds for your living room to stun your guest with a royal look. The texture and style of wooden blinds tend to be traditional no doubt, but it is timeless. So, even if trend goes in and out you will be always be considered to be trendy as it is the versatile nature of wood to match with both traditional and contemporary looks.

Compared to other kinds of blinds wooden blinds are expensive no doubt, but if you invest on this popular window treatment carefully it will be there for ages. Further, it is important that you take proper care to ensure its rich and elegant look lasts on long run. Here are some simple but effective tips to ensure that you make the best out of these blinds:

Lubrication at regular intervals to wooden blinds is very important. It helps to increase the durability and also helps to retain the loss of natural moisture. Thus, re-staining or oiling is recommended at least once in a year. It is advisable not to choose wooden blinds as window treatment for kitchen or bathroom. These are the places where items experience long term exposure to wetness, water and humidity. This can bring ugly damage to blinds. Always ensure that you have accurate window measurements before buying or ordering wooden blinds.

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