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Tips for Cleaning Your Venetian Blinds

With proper care and maintenance, Venetian blinds can last a lifetime. Unlike curtains that can look worn after a few years of cleaning, Venetian blinds will always look pristine and stylish. But how do you look after your Venetian blinds.

It depends on which type of blinds you've purchased. Wooden Venetian blinds cannot be submerged or soaked in water, as this tends to warp the wood. Vinyl and aluminium blinds can, however, be cleaned in hot soapy water.

Like every other surface in your house, Venetian blinds collect dust. To clean away this dust, every time you vacuum, run the vacuum over your Venetian blinds on a low-power setting. Use a smaller nozzle and steady your vacuum cleaner with both hands so you don't damage your blinds. This should remove most of the collected dust.

To clean off any remaining dust or dirt, wipe with a damp, warm cloth. Don't use abrasive cleaners as these can react with the sealant in wooden blinds or the coating on vinyl or aluminium blinds.

Don't forget to clean the strings and hardware attachments too. And dust the windowsills above and below the window to prevent dust buildup around your blinds.

Every once in a while, you should give your blinds a thorough clean. To do this, remove your blinds from the wall and submerge in a bath of warm water and soap for 30 minutes. Clean any tough dirt and stains from your blinds with a soft brush. Drain the bathwater and use the shower head to remove any remaining soap. Then lay your blinds out to dry you could even use a hairdryer for speedy drying.

DO NOT do this if your blinds are wood or a wood composite, as you could split or warp the blinds. Instead, use the vacuum cleaner and damp (not wet) cloth, and if you're concerned, hire a professional blind cleaner.

With proper care and maintenance, no matter which blinds you have, you'll be able to make them last a lifetime. While curtains may tear or fade, a properly-maintained set of Venetian blinds will remain a modern, stylish window dressing in your home.

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