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Kissing Tips

Young girls and boys are often worried about that first kiss. Will I do it right? What if he/she doesn't like it? Should I go in left or right?! For a young person who has little experience of kissing the opposite sex, the first kiss can be a stressful experience! For more experienced men and women, worries still abound. The first kiss can often make or break a date. If it's not a lip-smacking corker, the person you've got the hots for may not be interested in you ever again.

To combat this, here are some useful kissing tips for men, women, boys and girls...

Be romantic Women in particular don't really like it if the man goes in for a French kiss straightaway! It can seem a little bit over the top and many women (and girls) will be instantly put off by this. Instead, try being a little more gentle. Start by kissing the girl or woman on the nose or forehead, and let her come to you. If she's at all interested, she'll plant one on your lips pretty quickly!

Be clean There's nothing worse than kissing someone will terrible breath! It's incredibly off-putting, and if it happens on a first date, it will be tough for anyone to recover from. To guard against this, take mints or breath fresheners with you for after dinner, just in case one of you gets a little amorous and leans in for that first kiss.

Be Tactile Women like it when a man caresses her gently and pays attention to her whole body. Don't just keep your hands down by your side in case she might get offended if you touch her! Once you've locked lips, put your hand on her cheek, kiss her neck and then run your fingers through her hair.

Mix It Up When kissing someone for the first time, people can be a little nervous and can often end up just remaining in the same kissing state for too long. To combat this, pull away, start again in a different position, kiss the neck, then go back to the lips again. Mix it up, and keep it fresh!

Use Your Tongue If it feels right and you feel comfortable, gently touch the other person's tongue with yours to gage whether they're interested in a spot of French kissing! Whatever you do, don't just go in tongue first, because they may not like it. If you do it slowly, you'll be able to figure this out without seeming like an over-enthusiastic letch.

Keep some of these tips in mind, and you'll stand a far better chance of making that first kiss a successful one, and getting that second date!

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