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French Kissing Tip - Does Everybody really know the way to Kiss?

Did you ever see that episode of Golden Girls where Rose meets this fellow who she does not remember from many years ago and ultimately at the end of the episode, he kisses her and she finally remembers where she knew him from. After he leaves, Blanche thought it was sweet that a kiss unlocked Rose's memory, to which she revealed,'Nobody can forget a kiss like that. He did not understand how to kiss then and he does not know how to kiss now.'
the reality is, not everyone is a natural kisser. Some people, sadly, are just flat out horrible at it. And it's doleful because it actually doesn't have to be that way. How you go about giving the kiss is just about as crucial as the kiss itself.

french kissing tip
As i said, the anticipation is a great part of the experience. The more you take ( no, you do not need to drag it out into a marathon warm-up ) the more excited your partner is soon to be in anticipation as well. This does a lot to triumph over a lot of failings in the kiss itself. True, you do not have to be a master tactician if you build up enough anticipation.
ultimately, when you kiss your other half, you do not need to jam your face into her. You want to be delicate. Forget about those manhandling kisses that you see in the movies. You want to be light about the whole thing. This will bring about the most satisfactory results. it is true, not everyone knows how to kiss. You'd think it would be a natural thing, but it's's not. Nerves play a larger role in the problem than nearly anything else. So when you learn to relax, trust me, the rest will come quite naturally.

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