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French Kissing Techniques & Tips

What are French kiss, French Kissing Techniques or tips? A song, dance moves or just people of France kissing? Not quite, though there is a song called French kissing the real meaning of the word is more romantic in nature than a simple song. It simply means kissing techniques described by some as a kiss of romance, sometimes with sexual tendencies in which the two participants use their tongues to caress and heighten each other pleasures.

Unlike any other types of kissing where you can give somebody a quick peck on the cheek or lips, French kissing requires a little more courtesy it must not be rushed, but more importantly, the other party should acknowledge you before you can kiss them. In other words, there are some unofficial rules and etiquette required from both parties to make the kiss work just perfectly.

French Kissing Tips: the first thing you must avoid is kissing with dirty mouth; its absolutely unacceptable to kiss with smelly mouth. Nobody want s to have another persons dirty tongue inside their month; especially if youre a smoker trying to kiss a non-smoker; or if you have just done eating spicy food so do your homework first before you French kiss. Here is what you need to do:

Rinse your mouth with mouth wash or brush your teeth if youre at home

Use chewing gum or breath freshener mint to freshen your breath

Use spray breath freshener if you carry one with you and by the way, dont forget to offer your partner breath mint or freshener.

Another French kissing tip is for people who wear eye glasses dont French kiss with your glasses on. To avoid unnecessary obstacles or possible injury to your partner or both, wearing any type of eye glasses should be discouraged.

French Kissing techniques:

French kissing is like an art; it has to be learned and mastered in order to perfect it each and every time here are few French kissing techniques every participant should know:

Dry Lips dry lips can be uncomfortable when you kiss, so dont kiss with dry lips, apply moisturizing lip balm to moisten your lips

Awkward nose positions angle your heads in opposite directions to avoid your noses getting in the way nobody wants to bump and broke their nose while kissing.

Easy does it relax move towards each other gently and start with closed lips, then gradually proceed to using your tongue

Warm embrace dont stand apart from your partner, hold each other close and warmly but not too firm because you need all the sensual muscles in your body relaxed while you French kiss

Closed eyes while gazing in his/her eyes is one of the first stages of passionate kissing, once youve passed that stage and to the point where your tongue is doing the talking then this is where you need to close your eyes, because it heightens the pleasure by almost putting you in a dream-like stage.

French kissing techniques are rich and vast; there is more to it than few examples above. It simply is a self improvisation art no two kisses are the same, as people do it often, they add their own twist and wrinkles to perfect the way they kiss. So whatever French kissing tips and techniques you learn from reading the article; its okay to add your own persona l touch and expand your knowledge to new heights.

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