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3 Kissing Tips for Guys

3 Kissing Tips for Guys


Giving a girl her first kiss with you can be a very nervous moment. Of course we enjoy kissing her as much as any other guy, but we just don’t know if she’s enjoying it like we are. Women and men have a different mental checklist of a good kiss when they kiss, and most guys don’t know what women consider a great kiss.

Fortunately, I met an older lady a few years back who showed all of this to me.

Here are three keytips for guys who are looking to be better kissers:

Kissing Tip for Guys #1 – Make The Move As Early As Possible

On the first time you’re out together, there’s probably some kind of tense energy. Once you two kiss, that energy is dispelled, and the two of you can enjoy the rest your interaction.

Making the move sooner rather than later also sets the expectation on the speed that the relationship will proceed. If it takes you three dates to work up the nerve to kiss her, then she probably sees you as a guy who’s going to take her on dates to dinners and movies for months before being intimate with her. If you kiss her twenty minutes into your first interaction, she will probably see you as a man she can have a magnetic relationship with very quickly.
Kissing Tip for Guys #2 – On the First Kiss, Go Soft

There’s not many things less pleasant for a girl than a man sticking his tongue into her throat during the first kiss. Likewise, a man trying to show off by shoving her into the sofa the for the first kiss is more likely to give the impression of being vulgar than attractive.

There’s plenty of room for that later on. During the initial kiss, focus on giving her a soft, passionate, magnetic kiss.

Kissing Tip for Guys #3 – Add Variety Over The Relationship

The soft and sensitive kiss can become old pretty easily. Even French kissing will likely become old if it’s all you do

Change your kisses around to keep the fire and excitement going. Let your hands slide over her body in various sexy ways. Vary kissing her gently, fast, passionately, sensually, playfully, or even messily.

Men sometimes get way too caught up in doing kissing right. If you’re putting pressure on yourself to do it right, you can be assured that she can tell. And being concearned about doing something correct to show off to her isn’t very attractive. Make sure you’re having a good time when you kiss, and she’ll enjoy it too.

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