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10 Kissing Tips that will help you blow minds

France invented it and we embraced this beautiful "thing". Newbie or kissing master, we always want to know more, and as we know more, we realize that we don't know anything about kissing.

As this is one beautiful art to study, we have prepared for you some of the best kissing tips and kissing techniques in the world.

Lets say you are two meters away from "The One" but you know nothing about her/him and your book about "french kissing tips" is on a table, six blocks away.

What should you do?

1. Forget about it, with my book I'm nothing

2. I'll go at him/her and try my best

3. I'll leave for the book

Anything you may choose can go wrong and in your disadvantage. That is why you should be prepared for any situation, never thinking about a book, always self confident and challenging in the kissing games.

Here are my kissing tips:

TIP: Fresh breath is a must. It can start or end here so use it in your advantage for MR. or Mrs. Right. No kissing tips in the world will help if you don't respect this.

TIP: Begin with a normal kiss. Don't rush, just start with a gentle normal kiss with your lips closed. You may also close your eyes, it increases the sensations and your partner can feel embarrassed if you are staring at him or her in the middle of the action. Don't despair, on the next step, we will go more advanced.

TIP: Remember that the most important thing is how you kiss her the initial time, which will set the stage for all that is to follow. Your kiss may be fantastic in terms of placement of lips and tongue, but it should have the center and soul missing from it. Just like another man playing the piano properly, but with no having any feeling in any way, due to the fact without having emotions, no experience may perhaps be complete in itself.

! Put all your emotions into that first kiss and tell her everything without saying a word.

TIP: Style- Most of us have clear preferences when it comes to kissing styles.

Women claim that men are too aggressive with their tongues and men's complain that women don't open their mouths wide enough. But, for both sexes, the biggest complain is lack of variety.

Do not forget that lips are not the only element you should see, be creative, use your imagination by nibbling gently on the earlobe and the neck is one of the erogenous areas use it. Also combine this by biting softly on the lower lip. The tip is that variety is received very well for her or for him, make as many combination as you can, put every emotion in it and you will be a master. Actually you can write a kissing tips eBook after this.

TIP: Use your hands

One of the most important parts of kissing is the use of your hands. Try cupping the person's face with your hands, or running your hands through their hair. If you're feeling more lustful, gentle tug on the person's hair and lightly drag your nails on their scalp. Do not overreact with your hands and keep them at the "safe" level, don't exaggerate.

TIP: Forget about everything.

Relaxation, focusing only on this emotion and beautiful feeling is everything now. You will never really enjoy kissing in a car or in a pub if all the extra noises and factors will not disappear and all you need to feel is your partner.

TIP: Rhythm.

Kissing is the dance of the lips; make the first step gently and then become greedy. Stop for a moment for inciting then give yourself to the moment again. Dance baby, dance!

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