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Tips for renting your apartment in time for the World Cup. - Travel - Vacation Rentals

The World Cup is nearly upon us, and this time round it is being hosted in South Africa. The Word Cup stage is like no other and people from all over the world will be gathering to see how their country performs. The atmosphere will be unique and electric, and people are willing to pay for the privilege of being there.

The beautiful game can make you a beautiful profit, if you can provide an apartment for people to use. So here are some tips for renting your apartment in time for the World Cup.

1- Find a way to market your apartment. Unless you are renting to someone you know personally, there are in essence three ways. Rent via website, rent via an estate agent, or rent via advertising to a large pool of people such as a workplace or club. The first two are a trade off between rental fees and exposure, the latter brings a new set of problems of chasing payments and scheduling.

2- Make sure the apartment or villa is empty for the World Cup before the apartment is advertised for being vacant. This is very embarrassing and may involve plenty of swearing.

3- Ensure the apartment is in full working order and all the fixtures are fine. This includes all electrics as well as luxuries like the swimming pool

4- It is a good idea to stock the apartment with information about the World Cup. This doesn't have to be memorabilia and trivia, but useful information like ticket prices, game schedules, and available transport and timetables, together with information on local bars and restaurants.

5- Ensure the apartment is clean and well stocked. This creates a good impression and helps to ensure your guests look to rent your apartment again

6- Not everyone is going to be there for the football, so try and make sure that you provide information on other things to do, especially for children

7- Make sure there is plenty of information on the not so pleasant elements such as safety. This includes contact numbers for emergencies and unforeseen eventualities

Remember that in part your role is to look after your guests. Through doing this, you are increasing the chances of your guests returning for a second visit.

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