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QCFP - Talks Tips For Renting A Home

It is becoming more and more popular for people to rent in between owning homes at the moment as so many people get a rocky ride in the housing market and experience chain breaks that mean they lose the home they wanted. Renting is no longer just an option for people who haven't yet bought their first home.

Renting a property may seem like an easy task and you may feel happy to be guided by the agent who is letting the property but you must remember that they are selling to you and may not always be completely honest about what is best for you.

Tenant's often aren't given the information they need to know when it comes to renting a property. Here, in our first instalment, we reveal some of our top tips for renting property.

QCFP's Tip Number 1: Research the area

As well as liking the house you move into you need to like the area, even if it is only short term. Have a drive around, review it online and preferably take a walk around the area as you pick up a lot more than you would driving.If you have children, check out the local schools and their OFSTED reports and ensure they have a place for your child.

QCFP's Tip Number 2: Search online

Don't just rely on independent letting agents to find your home, these day most agents advertise on their own website but also on popular portal websites. By using these types of sites you will have a much wider range of rental properties available to you.

There are other useful websites that you can use to find just a room. These seem to be the places that private landlords advertise use.

QCFP's Tip Number 3: Take Your Time Viewing

If you don't like a property you will probably know instantly. A lot of landlords try to cut corners so if you do like a property take your time to look around properly. Check it has central heating and decent white goods. Does it have a good shower? Does it have good double glazing?

As you don't own the property you can't make changes to it so you have to be happy with what you've got or negotiate with the landlord to get what you want before you move in.

Make a checklist of requirements i.e. dishwasher, tumble dryer etc and don't accept less than what's on your list.

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