Kamis, 15 November 2012

Tips on Renting a Meeting Space

Another year has begun, and your company is still on top. However, do not rest on your laurels; come up with new goals to maintain your position. Setting new and higher objectives should be done formally; thus, you need to rent a meeting space that fosters creative and critical thinking. Here are five tips on renting the meeting space you need.

First, canvass and reserve your favored meeting space at least a month in advance. Keep in mind that meeting spaces are usually full at the beginning of the year. Other companies are also busy renewing their plans and goals for the year. It is best to visit at least five venues, and take your time evaluating each one.

Second, list down the employees that have to attend the planning. There should be at least two representatives from each department. Once you have decided whom to invite, inform them immediately about the event. This will allow them to clear their schedules and organize their ideas.

Third, clarify what is included in the rent. Ask if the meeting space has a whiteboard and projector which you can use. If there is extra charge for equipment usage, take note of this and adjust your budget accordingly. You can also consider bringing your company's projector since this would help you save money.

Fourth, aside from equipment, ask if the rent of the meeting space Washington DC corporate buildings have includes a drinking station. Formulating annual goals can take hours; thus, it is best that you have available refreshments nearby. Drinks will help your department representatives stay awake and attentive during the planning.

Fifth, provide your department representatives with a clear map of the meeting space Washington DC executives prefer. A better option is to provide them with transportation means. Keep in mind that you are paying for every minute; thus, none of your invitees should be late.

Finally, if you are going to provide handouts, make sure you have them all printed and ready a week before. Aside from maximizing the rent of the meeting space Washington DC companies count on, good preparation allows your company to make the most out of limited time. The sooner you set the new goals, the sooner you can start working on these.

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