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Tips for renting your house out for the Superbowl - Travel - Vacation Rentals

If you want to make some extra cash for your family vacation and you live anywhere near the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, you can try renting out your house for the Superbowl. Fans of the NFL are eager to travel to see the game, so you will have plenty of people wanting to rent out your house.

If this is the route that you want to take, here are a few tips to help prepare you for renting your house.

Tip One: Hire cleaners Its best for all involved if you hire a cleaner to come through and clean the house before the guests arrive. This will give both you and the guests a bench mark by which to measure how clean the house should be when the guests give it back. If the guests are staying longer then a few days, consider having a cleaning crew come through half way, as well as after they guests are done. This will ensure that the house is cleaned before you come back,as well as give you an extra pair of eyes to measure how well the guests are treating and have treated the house.

Tip Two: Keep private things privateI have read one suggestion that states that you should not keep private things locked away, because it makes people curious about what you have.However, my tip is to keep valuable things plus family photos locked in a small safe, but leave a note stating what is in there. This will curb any curiosity, as well as keep your valuable items safe. Things like bank books,deeds to homes and cars, and confidential business papers should be kept off site, such as at a friends or neighbors house.

Tip Three: Plan for your guests If youre renting your house out for the Superbowl, then you should leave items relating to the game in the house. Make a note of which team the guests support, and dress the house up in those colours. Supporters flagscan be bought for cheap and they will make the house seem open and friendly.Make a map with the easiest walking or driving directions to Cowboy Stadium,as well as how long it will take to get there. If the guests are new to Texas, leave a list of restaurants and take away joints near your house.

Tip Four: Breakages Football fans are an enthusiastic bunch, so make sure you have noted that there is to be no football playing in the house. Guests will treat your house the same way that they will treat their own,

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