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Tips for Renting a Car in Nice

If you plan on visiting Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, then you will find it a lot easier if you travel around by car. Should you decide to travel to your destination by air then you may need a rental car when you get to Nice. The best way to go about hiring a car when you go abroad is to make all of the arrangements before you go. If you have a UK driver's licence then you are allowed to drive through most EU member countries without a problem.

If you haven't had the time to arrange car hire before you go abroad then it is possible to rent a car at Nice Airport. The city is the fifth largest in France so you will need transport if you want to see what the place has to offer its visitors. For many years Nice belonged to Italy, and has only been part of France since the middle of the nineteenth century. The mild climate made Nice a favourite place of the English upper classes from the middle of the eighteenth century onwards.

Although it is always wise to book accommodation in advance, Nice has the second largest number of hotels in the country, the only French city more popular than Nice is Paris. Most visitors love to travel along the beautiful coastline or stroll around the pretty flower market. There are some really lovely villages surrounding the city but most of them are not served by public transport so you will need a rental car If you have done your homework before you go then you should be able to get some cheap deals on Nice car hire

Probably the top tip for renting a car in Nice is to make the arrangements before you leave home. When you book your car rental ahead of time it is possible to make some considerable savings, especially if you go for economy car rental. If you live in the UK then your ordinary driving licence is valid in most EU member countries. You should check with the car rental company and with your own agents, what you are insured for when you are driving through Nice.

If the rental company only covers you for third party fire and theft, then it may be worth taking out some extra insurance for the duration of your stay. Should an accident occur where you are at fault, then you could still be liable for your own treatment costs and any damage to the rental car. If you want a really good deal on Nice car hire then follow the advice given in this article.

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