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Car Rental Singapore - 10 Tips for renting a car in singapore

10 Tips of renting a Car in Singapore

Renting a car in Singapore is so much easier compare the past. Now you can simply on your computer and search for "Car Rental in Singapore" and lots of choices for you to choose, but how to choose the best car rental company and cheapest rental company?

1. Compares prices of car rental rates with at least 5 rental companies via "googles" or "yahoo"

2. Confirm the dates that you really need to rent a car, as if you place a deposit to book a car , there is no refund of deposit for some companies policy so do take note.

3. The longer you renting , the more you save . This works for most companies.

4. Stick with one of two car rental companies always as regulars have more benefits; example: discount price, lower rental rates with better car etc..

5. Renting a car in public holiday ; Chinese New year or Hari Raya puasa . Book the Car as early as possible once you confirm that you need the car, as last minutes booking can end up with no car left and disappointed in your holiday period .

6. Drive carefully and obey Singapore road safety and regulations .

7. Check out for the costs if you involve in an car accident and procedure before renting a car.

8. Check whether the rental companies allowed multiples driver if you wish to share with your family member as some companies may charge for additional.

9. When entering the car rental agreement before taking the car, read carefully for the term and conditions for the car rental

10. Lastly check the car conditions for scatches and petrol level . Drive carefully and enjoy your drive on the road.

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