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How to rent a home – 10 top tips

Renting a property is also not an easy decision to execute just like property buying and selling, if you want a property on rent then you need to take care of many things if you are willing to stay in comfort for a long time and want a good return on investment.

Below are 10 tips that should be considered before renting a property.

Select the district well
Properly assess the qualities of your future rental, checking in particular access to transport and local services, chat with neighbors can help you detect nuisances that you have not been identified.

Pay attention to the environment
If you are going to rent a property, check its location, size and amenities which you actually need. Detect any nuisance which may be a subject of un-comfort.

Make sure the rent is within your reach
Admittedly, the apartment you want is a bit expensive. Do n ot get carried away without doing your accounts and be sure you can bear the load.

Read the contract
If you are dealing with a particular lender, detect any illegal clauses. They are common in the leases. For example, require you to make a direct debit of the rent is prohibited. Your ability to host someone, too. These are just small examples. There are many others, identified by the Commission of unfair terms. You can also take help of any real estate consultants in India if you are renting an Indian real estate/property.
Do not pay before signing the contract
The first payment of rent and security deposit is made when signing the lease. No way to pay anything before.

Ask for an inventory in your presence
The inventory allows you to identify potential damage from a previous tenant and the landlord could charge you when you leave. You must have the eye and make note in the finding anything that looks bad. It is very important because, at the exit, you may be required to repair damage that is not your thing. At the exit, in fact, a contradictory report will be prepared. Attach the same importance there. There will not be any refund of your deposit and the landlord can withhold the money necessary for repairs that you're responsible.

Do not neglect your obligations
Renting a home, you agree to use it without creating a nuisance to your neighbors and the proper maintenance.

Pa y your rent on time
Do not be careless. The lease provides the due date of the rent. Make sure to respect the term, so that your relationship with the owner established a good foundation.

If you encounter a problem, talk to the owner
Do not wait until the head under water to a problem of payment of rent. Instead, once you have a problem, it is better to explain to the owner who may be more accommodating if you flee the discussion. In addition, unpaid rent can be adjusted easily by a sprawl, but when the debt grows, it becomes more difficult.

Peel counting charges
Each month, you pay a lump sum for expenses of housing to the owner in advance. Every year, it must rectify the situation according to what he actually paid. If you have not paid enough, it will ask the complement. If you have overpaid, you will reimburse. In any case, feel free to ask for proof of what you actually paid.

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