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Buynsellgold Makes Selling Gold Coins Easier

Buynsellgold.com is one of the most reliable online buyers and sellers of gold. Selling gold coins, gold nuggets, silver coins, diamonds, and gold bullion has now become so easy that you no longer need to look for local buyers and dealers to fetch the highest possible price.

Buynsellgold.com is a gold refinery with very low overheads and is therefore able to offer you the price you want for your unwanted jewelry. In order to get the highest dollars for your jewelry, feel free to contact them.

For selling gold bullion, register on the website to create your account. Fill in the required details and email address for further communication. Just login to your account and mention what you need to sell.

You then receive a Gold Return Pack from them that is used to enclose those items you wish to sell. Enclose your belongings in the pack provided and list the items outside it. Make sure to list only what it encloses, otherwise it will be sent back to your without reviewing. Enclose the pack in a prepaid mailing envelope and drop it in a mail box.

For selling gold nuggets, follow the same process. They notify you via mail once they receive your inventory pack. The items are then reviewed and tested. Every item you send any item to them, it gets inventoried and recorded on video for its security.

You can also track the status of your items or review the process by logging in to your account. In case of any doubts or questions, feel free to contact them. Their representative will help you solve your queries and clarify the terms and conditions of the trade with them.

They make you an offer by mail right after the reviewing process. If you accept the offer, you're immediately paid. If you deny the offer, your items are immediately sent back to you.

Your account on the website can also be used to view the past transactions as well as to place orders in future.

The process is the same for selling gold tips and gold jewelry. The company offers the highest dollars for your old fashioned and outdated gold bracelet. No other company or local jewelers can offer you the same price.

If you're doubtful about selling diamonds to buynsell.com, send them a sample and check what they offer. You'll be surprised to know that the company offers best prices for your old jewelry in the industry. After all it's a matter of their reputation.

Selling silver bars is also easy. Though the process remains the same, the tests may vary to check the purity of your jewelry. Not only your jewelry, can you also look forward to selling silverwares. The company accepts anything and everything that is made of gold, silver or diamond.

The company claims to offer 110 percent price guarantee to its customers. For selling silver flatware, conduct a research and try to find out even a single buyer that offers the same or better price. If you're successful in doing that, the company guarantees to beat the price by offering 10 percent higher.

Therefore, if you wish to fetch the highest price for your old gold, contact them through phone or email for selling gold coins. Their quick service and guarantee to offer the best price make it the most reliable website dealing in gold and silver.

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